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Discovery Session
- Initial


Are you ready to take a real step towards deeper wellbeing ?

Let’s make it happen with a Discovery Session

Tell me more about yourself and let’s work together to make you feel empowered to achieve calm and balance.

If you are going through challenging times in your life, and you are seeking support,

a Discovery session could well be what you’ve been looking for.


This initial session gives us the opportunity to discuss your current physical, mental, and emotional health challenges so you can decide what path is best for you.

Throughout the Discovery,

we will find out:

Whether we are a good fit for each other

How I could help you transform those challenges with Transformational Therapies, Bodywork or with a customised Holistic Program


What  to expect ?

At the start of the session, we will assess the major areas of your life using your mind and body. We will identify where you are feeling blocked or stuck in life, where you may have some hidden self-limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from reaching your goals, and what are you looking to improve in your life to live the best version of yourself.

Starting with an initial well-being and goals assessment, together we will design your customised treatment.

We continue our Discovery Session by designing your customised treatment. You will experience the combination of practical techniques and body work, as well as energetic and spiritual principles engaging your mind, body and soul. Each session is unique to you and the direction we take will be based on what you are needing on the day.

This one-on-one session may include :

  • Transformational therapies : NLP and Matrix therapies

  • Holistic Massage Therapy : Intuitive massage movements, relaxation, aromatherapy, pressure points, reflexology

  • Alternative Healing : Energetic balance and alignment, crystal & colour healing, breathwork and guided meditation  



The session ends with suggested next steps to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You will finish the session with new clarity and direction.

This is an excellent introductory mind body approach over 1h15. The Discovery session offers you ample time to share your whole story.

Why work with me ?

With many years of experience as a body therapist, I understand how much stress and pain we hold in the muscles and how it affects our overall wellness and mindset. The mind-body connection is intrinsic to the whole body wellbeing. The significant impact we experience from our overly busy, disconnected, and sedentary lifestyles is costing us all dearly.

I bring a unique and integrative approach to wellbeing by looking at the fundamental importance of ease through re-connection to wellness.


My unique and diverse skill set allows me to feel the body’s energy, connect the energy to you emotion and bring back your body into balance.


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Let’s design your personalised wellness


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Start your journey here

Start your journey here

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