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Holistic Therapy for transformation

Whether it's stress, anxiety, relationship problems, lack of clarity, motivation or self-confidence; intimate one-on-one session offer a safe and supportive environment in which to reconnect with yourself and identify what's standing in between where you are and where you want to be.

An intimate one-on-one session combining NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Matrix Therapies and Intuitive insight.

I help you to understand patterns and behaviors that aren’t serving you and work toward change that will help you to have a more satisfying life. With guidance, you can gain a deeper connection with yourself and understand what is needed for your well-being. Holistic Coaching can help you resolve painful feelings, negative thoughts, and self-limiting beliefs, as well as improve relationships.

There is something innate within us that grows toward healing when given a supportive environment. What we do in session is help clear the way to inner guidance so you can live from that place.

What is Holistic Coaching ? 

It highly supportive so you can talk, be heard and begin to let go of beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you, where you want to be and how you want to feel. Holistic Coaching process assists you to gain insights into yourself, bringing a greater awareness and a deeper connection to yourself and others.
The counselling relationship helps to promote
positive change
, giving life direction and purpose, with a greater sense of meaning to life.

My coaching approach is intuitive and client-centered and thus pulls from my extensive therapeutic toolbox, allowing me to tailor sessions that are individualised to meet your unique needs. I assist my you in mapping and addressing the bodies imbalances and blockages on the emotional, physical and energetic levels.

My style of healing goes well beyond a one-on-one session. I concentrate on teaching you how to self-heal and offer support outside of the treatment room. I focus on moving forward, putting actions into place with you and monitor actions to ensure results.


What is my approach ? 

Can be done both online and in-person!

Learn to live in the present moment

Most of the people I work with are tired of missing out on life due to anxiety, stress, loneliness, or feeling stuck. I work with my clients to understand and transform these barriers so there is more space to focus on living in the present.

Living in the present allows us greater freedom to make choices rather than act from habits or fears. It helps you connect more deeply with yourself and others and in new ways that are ultimately more satisfying.

Live a life that is true to you

Individual Therapy is about coming into alignment with your true self, peeling away habits and beliefs that no longer fit you.

Clients who work through this process find they are able to reconnect with a sense of aliveness, access inner guidance and resiliency, and live a life that feels more true to who they are.

I help people with many different areas, including:

•Personal growth and life transitions



•Trauma and childhood wounding

•Relationships and communication

•Self care and burnout

Here are just some of the challenges that can be resolved from working together:

What you can experience when working with me?


  • Making peace with yourself and your past

  • Neutralising negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, low self-worth, worry and stress

  • Reprograming your cells for optimum health

  • Dissolving emotional blocks that prevent you from leading a happy and healthy life

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Improving mental and physical stamina

  • Restoring sleep and relaxation 

  • Defining, strengthening, and supporting your wellness dimensions and plans

  • Creating techniques, habits, and strategies to help thrive in life

  • Identifying, mapping out, and work towards achieving the results you want

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