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A unique blend of integration practices to achieve a state of wholeness.

I intuitively pick various tools from my toolbox in order to address a specific issue you need support with. This type of session is all about gaining awareness and using that to heal an attachment wound, transform a belief and mend fragmentation.

All sessions are tailored to individual needs and goals. When working with a client, I look at the root cause, clear past emotions and traumas to find a solution based on : mindset, environment and physical activity. We do this to identify and understand what is happening.

I wear many hats as Mind Body Therapist, t
he combination of practical techniques and body work, as well as energetic and spiritual principles engaging the mind, body and soul. Encourage transformation on both the conscious and unconscious level, so that my clients very quickly begin to embody the highest vision they have for themselves, bringing their goals to reality as soon as possible, proving that investing in oneself is truly the most worthwhile.

"When you awaken in one area,
you awaken in all areas."

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Mind Body Coaching, Alternative Healing & Mindfulness

2 hours | introductory mind body approach

This is an excellent introductory mind body approach over 2 hours. The integration session offers you ample time and the chance to share your whole story and issues with no rushed time schedule.

This sessions incorporates:

  • Mind Body Coaching: NLP and Matrix therapies

  • Bespoke Massage: Intuitive massage movement, relaxation, aromatherapy, pressure points

  • Alternative Healing: Energetic balance and alignment, crystal & colour healing, breath work and meditation

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