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 Holistic Program

What does balance look like for you ? What habits contribute to your growth and which ones keep you stuck ? How does the past continue to hold you hostage and which of your beliefs are hurting rather than helping you ? In this deeply healing and transformative journey inward you will....
  • Talk to a certified professional who genuinely cares, does not judge and listens with loving compassion

  • Learn about your ego, the power of your mind, and how to cultivate inner peace

  • Learn how to manage overwhelming and racing thoughts to avoid unnecessary stress & anxiety

  • Heal events from your past so you can experience emotional freedom

  • Learn how to feel and heal unpleasant emotions

  • Learn about boundaries; the benefits and how they can be established without guilt

  • Be introduced to your inner child and the healing benefits of inner child work

  • Be introduced to shadow work and the importance of embracing wholeness

  • Gain clarity and a better understanding and appreciation of your true nature

  • Experience an increase in self love, self confidence and inner peace

  • Walk away with tools to transform your life and be your own healer

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

                      like stress, anxiety, and pain have been running your life for a while and now you're starting to feel their impact and your limits ?

                      drained out of your energy because life has become too chaotic to handle ?

               in the back burner?

Do you feel 

Do you feel 

Are YOU 

Are you ready to commit? 

My 12-week Transformative Holistic program is a customised program designed to help you address the physical impacts of stress, anxiety, depression, pain by incorporating targeted massage therapy and bodywork, transformational therapies, weekly challenges, and coaching.

I will also teach you how to incorporate simple daily habits and routines to improve or restore your quality of life, while addressing the emotional aspects of stress and suffering manifested in the body.

Think of it as hiring your own life coach, massage therapist, energy healer, spiritual counselor, and self-care coach all in one package.

Through my knowledge, experience and intuition, I can design an effective Mind Body program for you to address any physical imbalances.
Throughout our 12 weeks together, I will:

  • Help you understand the body and mind connection, and the way your emotions affect you on a cellular level; 

  • Apply specific bodywork, massage, and Access Bars to release emotions that are stuck in the muscles;   

  • Apply transformational therapies to further release, clear and align,

  • ​Apply weekly challenges to keep you engaged in achieving your goals

  • ​Refer you to different sources (or other professionals in my network) to apply a holistic, synergistic approach to your healing

As a holistic therapist, my goal is to hold space for you to bring you back into your body so you can understand, confront, and process your pain, illness, and/or suffering.  

By teaching you how to feel your emotions, listen to your heart and your body, and adopt a holistic approach to your health and wellness, you can start making empowered choices to create changes that promote long-term health and wellness. ​​ 

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