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A coaching session like no other – incorporating energetic healing. 

What is Mind Body Coaching?

An Intimate one-on-one session combining NLP, Matrix Therapy and Intuitive insight. NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a new branch of science–a mind, body, spirit advanced internal and external communication model. It’s a revolutionary study of the process of human thought. Not the physical or electrochemical reactions, but what we would notice if we looked at the step by step activity of thought and imagination. Together, you’ll gain access to the gateway of your unconscious mind.

With sessions tailored completely to your individual needs, condition and personality. A mixture of different modalities and programs will be used to help you achieve your transformational goals. It’s an effective system for helping people with depression, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. I help you get control of your mind to produce the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you desire, then build the right strategies to manage adverse scenarios and maintain your results long term.

What is the goal of Mind Body session?

Mind Body Coaching is highly supportive so you can talk, be heard and begin to let go of beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you, where you want to be and how you want to feel. Mind Body Coaching process assists you to gain insights into yourself, bringing a greater awareness and a deeper connection to yourself and others. The counselling relationship helps to promote positive change, giving life direction and purpose, with a greater sense of meaning to life.

What is my approach?

My coaching approach is intuitive and client-centered and thus pulls from my extensive therapeutic toolbox, allowing me to tailor sessions that are individualised to meet your unique needs. I assist my you in mapping and addressing the bodies imbalances and blockages on the emotional, physical and energetic levels.

My style of healing goes well beyond a one-on-one session. I concentrate on teaching you how to self-heal and offer support outside of the treatment room. I focus on moving forward, putting actions into place with you and monitor actions to ensure results.

Can be done both online and in-person!
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